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strategic enrollment management plan templateWhat Are the Components of a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan? (plus free SEM plan template download!)

Having a strategic enrollment management plan for your institution means you’re more likely to succeed in establishing priorities, combatting uncertainty, and achieving your student enrollment goals. We know, though, it’s not always easy to create a plan from scratch. 

This article walks you through creating the plan step-by-step, and you can download a free strategic enrollment management plan template to customize

Use the information in this article and the free template to create and communicate guiding principles and priorities for the next two to five years.

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Cost of inaction on admissions and enrollmentDoing Nothing with Your Enrollment Costs A Lot

You’re working hard to lift enrollment numbers. You’ve identified the problems in your admissions process, and you’re ready to work with a partner who can help you. 

You’ve built excitement around a solution but are shot down when you seek purchase approval: “That’s too expensive! Can’t we do this in-house?” 

How can you convince your leadership that change is necessary?

You can hope that you are able to do enough without investing in additional resources. 

But, hope is not an enrollment strategy.

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nurturing leads and prospects for student enrollmentHow to Turn Prospects and Inquiries into Student Enrollments

If you're concerned about growing enrollment numbers, you're likely stressed trying to decide your next best step. Maybe you purchased new leads or signed on to an expensive partnership agreement with a lead generation service.

But does "more in equal more out" when it comes to growing new student enrollment?

The reality is that you can’t just throw more purchased names at the problem and expect more enrollment. Yes, lead generation is important. But, so is the proper nurturing of those leads.

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