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by Jennifer Goode

By Verne Harnish

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Enrollment Builders, a lead generation company in Lexington, Ky., has been growing like gangbusters. The company, which helps nonprofit colleges and universities connect with potential applicants, has expanded from nine employees to 23 since March. The company expects 2020 revenue to hit about $2 million, up 20% from last year, and is profitable. With institutions seeing a decline in applications and state funding decreasing, many schools urgently need to build up their admissions funnel. “We pitch ourselves as an enablement service,” says CEO Jennifer Goode.

Goode, who became CEO in 2014 and bought out the company’s partners in 2016, has pulled it off by tapping the Scaling Up platform for growing a company. She started out using the EOS operating system but embraced Scaling Up when she began working with Scaling Up Certified Coach Robert Fish in 2017 and 2018.

“I love that Scaling Up allows me to apply what I sometimes ‘feel’ as an entrepreneur to a strategic and tactical framework that leaders in the company can embrace and harness with a shared understanding of how to get where we are going—but it takes serious commitment and focusing on the right things,” says Goode.

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Top 3 reasons why working "aged leads" is your biggest opportunity and what you can do about it.

by Jennifer Goode

"The truth is, we didn’t realize at first how working “aged” leads would make such a huge impact for our clients who are trying to grow academic programs. We had a thought that if we combined two established practices, aged lead follow-up and outbound contact strategies, it would redefine the way our higher education Contact Center operates. It wasn't until we saw it in practice that we noticed how significant of a game-changer it was for our partners. By placing the prospective student's experience at the forefront of our strategic proven process, we uncovered a whole new way to drive growth."

Jennifer Goode / CEO of Enrollment Builders

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by Jennifer Goode


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Ads Added by AdWords – Artificial Intelligence at Work

by Derek Marrero

Many of us are exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) at work or home every day from highly reputable companies and may not even realize it. For instance, how does Amazon know which items you might be interested in purchasing? How does Spotify serve up songs and artists you may not have heard of, but feel like some of your favorites? How is Apple’s Siri able to respond to questions? The answer to all these questions is AI--machines learning to predict human behavior.

Not to be left out, Google has recently launched “Ads Added by AdWords,” a new test program that utilizes artificial intelligence to modify online advertisers' postings. The new program has some AdWords users concerned, and many simply confused. Enrollment Builders is here to clear up some of that confusion.

What you need to know

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Becoming a Google Premier Partner: What It Means and Why it Matters

by Derek Marrero

Enrollment Builders has achieved the coveted status of Google AdWords Premier Partner, a distinction reserved for the very best agencies (fewer than 3%)!

The Premier Partner Program was created to give higher education institutions a way to cut through the noise and instantly recognize agencies that are above average in terms of knowledge, experience, and ability to drive results.

  • How Premier Status is earned:
    • Experience/expertise managing large accounts and spend
    • Continuous Track record of quality work and meeting performance requirements
    • Employment of Google Certified, highly-skilled analysts
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Lexington/Kentucky-based Higher Education Marketing Agency Receives Coveted Distinction from Google

by Derek Marrero

Enrollment Builders Awarded Google Premier Partner Distinction!

Enrollment Builders has been awarded the Google AdWords Premier Partner distinction, an honor reserved for only three percent of agency partners.

  • The Google Adwords Premier Partner distinction is exclusively provided to Google partners that meet excellence requirements in account management and growth, have a historical track record of quality work and performance, and employ highly-skilled Google Certified pay-per-click analysts.
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5 Activities to Do Now to Achieve Fall Marketing and Recruitment Success

by Jennifer Sigler

With summer around the corner, it's a great time to get your admissions and marketing offices on track before fall. With so little time to address weaknesses, how do you make progress and still impact your next big recruitment period?  Reviewing and aligning admissions and marketing practices is key given the continued decline in enrollment according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center recent findings. 

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Five Hiring Tips for Universities and Colleges to Recruit Top Talent in the Admissions Office

by Heather Fairweather

Imagine you have called an institution’s admissions office to find out more about their online programs. Who picks up the phone? The admission counselor. This representative is the first and likely most influential person in the selection process because they can make or break the experience. Hiring for this role is sometimes more complex than what it used to be. So, what happens when institutions must recruit for themselves?

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2017 Top Online College Rankings Released

by Jennifer Sigler

Each year, institutions across the country eagerly await the release of the new list of best online program rankings. Well, we have them! Enrollment Builders is proud to see many clients on the list. So, let's get started...

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What To Look For When Choosing an LMS

by Jennifer Sigler

Choosing a Learning Management System is a complicated process and can be very time consuming and overwhelming for organizations  since there are many different aspects to consider, not to mention that the LMS is usually the most expensive component of the online learning ecosystem. The What To Look For When Choosing an LMS Infographic has been developed to show organizations the main features and most important functionalities that they should look for during their search for the perfect LMS.


Course Design

  • Instructional Design Tools
  • Course Creation Tools
  • Content Development
  • Course Feedback


  • Realtime Learner Participation Tracking
  • Customizable Reports
  • Printable Cerificates
  • Group Reporting
  • External Training
  • Event Tracking

Collaboration & Communication

  • Course Notes
  • File Exchanges
  • Discussion Groups
  • Collaboration Features
  • Resource Management


  • 24/7/365
  • Web-Based
  • Tablet Accessible
  • Assignable Privileges

Easy to Use

  • How-to-Guides
  • Customizable
  • Easy Navigation
  • Onboarding

Customer Support

  • Help Desk
  • Vendor Support
  • Online Support Hub
  • User Groups


  • Privacy Controls
  • Server Locations
  • Automatic Backup System
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