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4 Popular Call Centers for Higher Education Institutions in 2024

Is your admissions team struggling to contact prospective students quickly? Are you worried you won’t reach your enrollment goals?

If so, working with a call center could be an excellent addition to your enrollment management strategy. But what options are out there, and how will you know which vendor is right for you?

Our goal at Enrollment Builders is to provide admissions leaders with as much reliable information as possible about higher ed call center and admissions staffing solutions. Because of our reputation for transparency, we are asked this question on a regular basis:

How do I determine which higher education call center is best for me?

To help you vet all of your options, we’ve compiled a list of four call center solutions for higher education institutions:

  • Edufficient
  • Education Dynamics
  • Ellucian
  • Sextant Marketing

For each one, you’ll find an overview of the organization and the type of services they provide.

After reading, you’ll better understand the call center options available and how to determine which solution could be the right fit for you.


Organization Type: Marketing Agency with Call Center Offerings

Phone Number: 866-544-2082

Edufficient, a division of PX, is a “performance-based marketing agency” that has worked with higher education institutions for over 12 years.

At its core, Edufficient is a marketing agency primarily focusing on services within digital marketing and marketing consulting. 

Edufficient also provides third-party inquiry management services, which include managed lead generation, education compliance monitoring, and admissions call center services.

Education Dynamics

Organization Type: Marketing Agency with Call Center Offerings

Phone Number: 888-567-2008

Education Dynamics is a marketing and enrollment management company that has been working with higher education institutions since 2005.

Education Dynamics provides services focused on digital marketing, enrollment management, inquiry generation, market research, nurturing, and consulting.

Call center solutions are available to institutions as part of Education Dynamic’s inquiry generation services.


Organization Type: Technology Provider with Call Center Offerings

Phone Number: 844-358-7222

Ellucian is a technology provider that has worked with higher education institutions for more than 40 years. 

Ellucian offers software solutions that help universities in a variety of areas, including alumni relations, financial aid, student information systems, human resources, and more.

In addition to technology products, Ellucian offers professional services such as consulting, strategic planning, website design, and call center services.


Organization Type: Marketing Agency with Call Center Offerings

Phone Number: 800-691-9980

Founded in 2015, Sextant Marketing is a higher education marketing agency focused on “delivering coordinated new student recruitment, retention, and yield campaigns.”

Sextant Marketing offers services in enrollment management, marketing, retention, and SEO strategy. 

Call center solutions are available as part of Sextant Marketing’s enrollment management services.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Call Center for Higher Education

When choosing a call center, you want to invest in the right partnership from the start to find success and hit your enrollment goals.

But with these options all sounding fairly similar, how do you decide which is best for your institution?

In our experience, we’ve found that admissions leaders like you can more easily make decisions about call center solutions when they reflect on these key questions:

  1. What problems are you trying to solve for your institution?
  2. What’s the monthly lead volume you plan to outsource?
  3. When is the best time to contact your prospective students?
  4. How will your students be contacted?
  5. How much of the student experience do you want the call center to be responsible for?
  6. What will collaboration between the call center and your admissions team look like?

Read the full article to understand the importance of these considerations and to prepare for conversations with potential partners for your admissions team: