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Grow With Outsourced Higher Education 
Admissions Services

 You're looking for a new way to grow new student enrollment.

You know that your higher education admissions team is overworked and understaffed, and they're not getting to leads fast enough. 

The leads who do connect with an admissions rep rarely make it all the way to enrollment. 

There's a great deal of pressure on you to increase enrollment numbers for the next term. 

What's it going to take to do that? 



You need an outsourced higher education enrollment solution to remove bottlenecks, streamline the process, and lift the burden you and your team have been carrying. 


 The Higher Education Admissions Staffing Solution to
Grow New Student Enrollment

  • Optimized resources

    No more overworked, overwhelmed, stressed representatives in your office. Outsourcing basic higher education admissions tasks gives your reps greater bandwidth in their daily jobs. 

  • Speed-to-lead

    Answer all your leads in a timely manner with personalized, helpful follow-up and accountability. 

  • High-quality conversations

    Say goodbye to transactional admissions conversations. The EB team receives ongoing coaching required to effectively build rapport and receive consistent coaching and performance management.

  • Reactivated aged leads

    Your next enrollment is likely already in your CRM. Don't let them go to waste! Rework leads that are 3 months to 2+ years old.


Speed and Consistency in Higher Education Enrollment Services

One of the greatest benefits of working with an outsourced higher education admissions team is their ability to reach leads quickly. 

Think about the leads that come into your admissions office regularly. How fast are your reps able to respond to those inquiries with a meaningful, helpful interaction? 

15 minutes? 30 minutes? A couple of hours? 

If it’s longer than 5 minutes, you are losing students. 

Lost students equals lost enrollments equals lost tuition revenue. What is the cost of inaction costing you? 

outsourced higher ed admissions solution, enrollment services for colleges, enrollment services for universities
outsourced higher ed admissions solution, enrollment services for colleges, enrollment services for universities

You’re likely spending a significant amount of your budget on purchasing leads, but are you getting your money’s worth when it comes to growing higher education student enrollment? 

Once a lead fills out your form or dials your admissions office, the interaction that happens next is crucial. 

You need trained, dedicated, and available higher education call center staff to act quickly to bring the potential student into the enrollment process. 

Once the prospective student has been qualified, even more work is ahead to keep that person on-track to follow through the process all the way to enrollment. 

It takes persistence, intention, knowledge, and consistency to affect your enrollment numbers. 

So, if a paid or organic lead completes an inquiry form on your website, the immediate interaction with an admissions representative—or lack thereof—could be the deciding factor as to whether or not that person becomes a student.

Grow With Our Outsourced Higher Education Admissions Services

We move at the speed of your business

  • A typical implementation takes 6-8 weeks.

  • We manage seamless, bi-directional integrations between our system and most CRMs, including Slate, Velocify, Salesforce, and even homegrown platforms.

  • Our qualified agents and admissions representatives will scale seasonally with your lead volume.

An outsourced higher education enrollment service you can trust

  • Fully remote since 2011, EB scales US-based teams with high-quality outsourced higher education admissions talent without geographic limitations.

  • Our teams are dedicated to your institution.

  • We are open 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. in every timezone.

  • 100% of respondents in an anonymous employee survey stated they would recommend Enrollment Builders as a great place to work (August 2022).

  • 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.¹

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting.²  

  • If you call a lead in the first 5 minutes after they've submitted a web form, they're 100x more likely to get on the phone.³ 


Get the Higher Education Admissions Counselor Conversation Guide:
6 Steps forOutsourced higher ed admissions solution, admissions counselor conversation map, high quality conversations for admissions counselors Meaningful, Engaging, and Effective Conversation with Prospective Students

Download our free report to share with your admissions team.

You'll learn:

  • How to establish deeper connections with students
  • What matters most in admissions interviews
  • How to overcome student concerns about enrollment

Ready to get started or have questions about outsourced higher education admissions services? Fill out the form below, and we'll follow up with you within 24 business hours. 


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