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Contact Center Service Variations

Our Contact Center team delivers on three different types of work depending on a clients existing infrastructure and needs. The underlying EB contact platform, people development, and data-driven approach put all of our teams in the best position to be successful. If you are still unclear on which type of support would most benefit the institution, please inquire about an Enrollment Builders Admissions Assessment. The three types of deliverables our Contact Center currently provides are:

  1. Contact Center Services: Appointment-Setting
  2. Outsourced Admissions Services: Delivering Completed Files to Institutions 
  3. Aged-inquiry Contact Services

Contact Center Services are focused on real-time outreach, qualification, and appointment setting for all new inquiries. EB Contact Agents are focused entirely on establishing contact with new inquiries in an attempt to answer general questions and to further qualify anyone who inquires. Agents schedule and further prepare qualified inquiries for productive appointments (formal interviews) with university Admissions Counselors. These services allow universities to keep their existing Admissions teams in place so they can focus on high-quality conversations with qualified prospects. 

Outsourced Admissions Services provide EB clients with a fully outsourced Contact Center team and Admissions team. With this type of work, our Contact Agents attempt contact and schedule appointments (formal interviews) for our internal Admissions Counselors, and our team operates as if they are a part of your institution. The EB Admissions Counselor’s role is focused entirely on qualifying prospects, conducting a formal interview with each prospect, nurturing prospects, collecting required documents such as transcripts, and working with prospects all the way to the point of completed application so that an admissions decision can be made from within the institution. EB transitions complex or specific questions about financial aid to your financial aid team.

Aged-inquiry Contact Services focus on attempting 6 to 9 contact attempts to inquiries and prospects collected over the past several months or years. Once contact is established, EB typically schedules interested prospects for a formal interview with an Admissions Counselor at the institution. Generally, these types of services include additional communication planning services. The typical types of aged inquiry and prospect pools included in these campaigns are:

  1. Inquiry segments containing thousands of aged inquiries that had previously inquired or applied that did not enroll. 
  2. Applicants who have started the application but didn’t finish. 
  3. Groups of prospects who indicated they wanted to start in a particular term, but did not. We can work with these prospects at the conclusion of each enrollment period.

Whatever the scenario, our agents schedule and further prepare interested individuals for productive appointments (formal interviews) with Admissions Counselors and provide clear next steps for these prospects. 

Communication Planning and Execution requires more than outreach via phone and SMS. We believe in the power of targeted, well-timed, and well-crafted email marketing. We know that online students, and non-traditional prospects especially, often require a longer period of nurturing and support before they make a decision compared to traditional students. We will build, write, and execute email nurturing campaigns that will help keep prospects engaged during this extended decision cycle, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates from aged leads and a dependable “starter” source of engaged leads for each new term. Our nurture campaigns increase the likelihood that a previously uncontacted inquiry or prospect will later return to the admissions process and enroll. EB is a long-standing agency partner with HubSpot, which is the email marketing and CRM platform typically required for us to execute our most successful communication plans. See the pricing section of this proposal for more information.

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