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Higher Ed Call Center Services

Empower Your Admissions Team to Reach Enrollment Goals

Effectively grow enrollment and support your team with our higher education call center and admissions staffing solutions.

What admissions problems are you experiencing?

Your admissions department has a lot to manage in a fast-changing industry. When facing staff changes, budget cuts, or a lack of clarity, it’s difficult to grow enrollment and find time to improve your admissions strategies and processes.

This leads to the problems most college admissions leaders have when they reach out to Enrollment Builders:

"We're dealing with unexpected admissions staff turnover."

"We're not able to prioritize the most important student conversations."

"We don't consistently contact our leads within 10 minutes."

"Our admissions team doesn't want to cold-call prospective students."

"Our admissions experience worsens when lead volume spikes."

"We have thousands of aged leads, but don't know how to effectively contact them."

Hire an Admissions Contact Partner to Address Your Enrollment Problems

With our call center and staffing services, you can:

  • Quickly increase enrollment rates by implementing our proven techniques that ensure prospective students get the right information at the right time.
  • Maximize internal productivity and happiness by prioritizing the important work and leaving routine tasks to our call center professionals.
  • Navigate staff changes and adapt to turnover without disrupting the admissions process or your prospective students’ experience.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on insights our team uncovers about your most effective lead sources.

Engage effectively and enroll efficiently. Speak to an admissions expert or explore our solutions to learn more:

higher ed call center services
"The real value add EB brings is that you're supplementing people that we don't have. Admissions teams are constantly churning, constantly losing people. Enrollment Builders fills the gap almost seamlessly."
Megan Reed, Northampton Community College

3 Steps to Increase Your College Student Enrollment

Follow these steps to identify the support that your admissions team needs to do their best work.

Speak to an EB Admissions Expert

Let's unpack the current challenges your admissions team is experiencing.

Complete Pre-Launch Setup

EB runs a 6-8 week pre-launch onboarding process.

Convert More Leads

EB engages leads and passes pre-qualified prospective students to you.

All of Our Clients Receive:

Speed-to-Lead Outreach

Contact attempts are made within 2 minutes on average, and never exceeding 10 minutes.

Dedicated Specialists and Strategists

A  team focused solely on your institution's admissions process, communicating with you in real-time.


Bi-directional data exchanges between the EB Contact Center platform and your institution's CRM.

Real-Time or Warm Transfers

EB manages the lead experience as far as you need and seamlessly transitions the relationship to your team.

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Real-time dashboards to track outreach performance and the prospective student pipeline.

Bi-Weekly Tactical Calls with Your Team

To review outreach performance, lead source reports, and contact strategy updates.

Determine the Admissions Support that Fits Your Needs

At Enrollment Builders our goal is to get to the root of your enrollment problems and come up with the right balance and support your admissions team needs.

Regardless of your ideal transition point, lead volume, or operational hours for your leads, we've got you covered.

Speak with an admissions expert to find the right service options for your college or university:

college call center services and outsourced admissions support

How much does it cost to work with Enrollment Builders?

Our pricing model is a monthly retainer based on the average volume of new leads you receive per month. In this “pay-per-lead format,” cost can range widely based on:

  • Type of Lead
  • Level of Outreach
  • Operational Needs
  • Transition Point

View the pricing page to learn more about these factors.

higher ed call center pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions admissions leaders ask about our higher ed contact center and admissions staffing services:

What is the typical timeline and process for working with Enrollment Builders?
Signing the Agreement

Initial Contact to Agreement: On average, institutions sign an agreement with our team roughly 30 days after our first call.

Onboarding Process
  • Week 1-2: Complete kick-off call, tech call, messaging discovery calls, and discovery checklists.
  • Week 3: Complete technical implementation. Develop scripts, Knowledge Base content, SMS/email copy, and contact cadence strategies for your approval.
  • Week 4-5: Complete EB Dedicated Team onboarding + training, cross-team communication training call, lead process testing.
  • Week 6: Launch Day call, complete the final checklist, and begin outreach!
Post-Launch Engagement
  • Week 7 & Beyond: We start our ongoing strategy and optimization efforts.
  • Bi-Weekly Tactical and Reporting Calls: To review reporting trends and identify strategy + optimization opportunities
  • Ongoing Slack/Direct Message Communication: Real-time collaboration between your EB admissions specialists and your internal team.
  • Execute and Optimize: Continuous updates are made to scripts, the Knowledge Base, training, and communication best practices to ensure optimal performance.
What happens if I need to increase/decrease my lead volume in the middle of an agreement?

We understand that lead volume can often be unpredictable and fluctuating.

Our agreements allow you to increase or decrease your monthly lead volume through simple, clear processes.

To increase lead volume during an agreement, we build in a per-lead cost in addition to what’s included in your monthly retainer. If the volume of leads is likely to stay at the increased amount, we can adjust your base lead volume for future months and update the monthly retainer cost accordingly.

To decrease your base lead volume during an agreement, we require a 60 day notice to adjust the number of leads and retainer cost accordingly. This will provide us with the necessary time to reallocate the schedules of your dedicated specialists.

What if we want to change the stages of the admissions process that EB is working?

Depending on your institution's goals and capabilities, you may choose to scale your internal resources to insource more of your admissions communication work throughout our engagement.

With a 30-day notice, we can shift the transition point from our specialists to your internal team either forward or backward.

Changes to your transition point will likely impact your monthly retainer cost. Your account manager will help you through this process and discuss potential price changes as appropriate.

Do you integrate with our system? What does the integration look like?

Yes! We’ll work with your internal team to set up a bi-directional integration to send and receive lead data between your system and our contact center software via the HTTP Post method.

This method is supported by most admissions and CRM software, including Slate, HubSpot, Element451, Salesforce, KlassApp, and more.

It's important to integrate with EB's systems so we can use our tailored approach to contacting leads using our structured attempting cadence. We have spent 6+ years optimizing our cadences and automations within our systems to drive better results for our clients.

What reports do you share with us throughout the relationship?

During the first 30-60 days of our partnership, we’ll provide reporting data back to you on lead source performance. This allows us to learn how to prioritize our outreach efforts and your spending on paid lead sources.

During this time we’ll also establish reports showing:

  • Contact rates by type and source
  • Transition rates
  • Speed-to-lead
  • And more

These reports will be customized for your institution and can be displayed in a real-time dashboard you can access at any time. We’ll also review the reports during our bi-weekly tactical calls, as part of tracking performance and institutional goals.

How do you continue to improve our lead conversion rate?

We start by establishing our attempting cadence for all inbound leads. Providing a consistent approach allows us to build benchmark data to adjust as necessary. 

Once we understand what lead sources are converting at a higher rate and what methods of contact work best with your prospective students, we adjust our strategy accordingly. 

We provide all of this data back to you so you can focus on getting more of the high converting leads and better optimize for the lower converting leads.

What are the terms of contract termination?

Our standard terms are 90-days notice for contract termination.

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