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Higher Education Enrollment Management Services

Expert Higher Ed Call Center Services

Eliminate the guesswork and exceed your enrollment targets. Get rid of uncertainty in your admissions process, elevate the student experience, and enroll more students.

Qualify & Transfer


Through conversation, relationship building, and nurturing, our Contact Center agents work in real-time to Qualify your students as an extension of your team. We’ll then Warm Transfer the qualified student via phone call in real-time to your admissions counselor, transitioning the lead to your team.


  • Unable to get to new leads in real-time 

  • Failing to contact and convert your leads

  • Lacking the ability to both call and text prospective students

  • Managing a team that hates to cold call new leads

  • Experiencing excessive admissions staff and leadership turnover 

Application Generation


Our admissions counselors qualify and engage your leads, leveraging relationship-building text, phone, and email nurturing techniques to bring you decision-ready applicants. Once the prospective student's application and  transcripts are collected, we'll transition them to your team for the final "walk to class." 


  • Not proactive in building relationships with inquiries

  • Suffering from low-contact and lead-to-application rates

  • Observing that cold calling and transcript evaluation overwhelm your team
  • Seeing applicants fail to become "decision-ready"

  • Not reviewing enrollment management training and measurables on a routine basis with your team

Get Answers about Enrollment Management Services

What You Can Expect from Us

Flexible and adaptable

Powerful options for short-staffed admissions and recruitment offices to help solve your most pressing challenges

Multiple contacts via multiple media

Reaching your students on a variety of platforms over the course of several weeks

No student left behind

Real-time follow up on an ongoing basis with your prospective students

Powerful, reliable, and integrated technology

Workflow functionality that's hyper-efficient while offering a personal high-touch connection

Dedicated agents to extend your team

Highly trained and educated U.S.-based professionals learn your mission, goals, and messaging to represent your institution with accuracy

Quality assurance through ongoing tracking 

Team's performance and campaign results are monitored and optimized to achieve your goals

Conversational marketing

Agents and admissions counselors engage prospective students, which helps develop relationships and contributes to higher yield

Extended coverage beyond typical office hours

Availability during your peak enrollment periods—evenings, weekends, and many holidays—when your prospects need it most.

We "get" you

More than 30 years' combined experience in enrollment management services helping traditional, non-traditional, public, private, for-profit, and non-profit institutions with their admissions and enrollment challenges

Other Services


You're doing most things well, but you want to explore any opportunities for improvement. 

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Workshops & Training

Get hands-on help tailored to address your specific challenges with enrollment management. 

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Student Experience Survey

See the admissions and enrollment process at your institution through a prospective student's viewpoint. Enrollment Builders’ representatives act as prospective students, interacting with your enrollment team and traveling through your admissions process. 

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Proven Results for Higher Ed Institutions
Across the Country

College and university admissions teams just like yours have partnered with  Enrollment Builders for enrollment management services to boost new student enrollment and grow tuition revenue. 

• Added 80 new student enrollments for fall term — large public university in the Southeastern U.S.
• Boosted lead to enrollment rate by 10%community college in the Midwest
• Return on investment = 165 times the cost of contact center servicesselective private university in the Western U.S.

Together, we will find a solution to your enrollment management challenges, so you can see results quickly!

Schedule a free, no-pressure call to talk all about you—your frustrations, your stress, and your anxiety. Once we talk, our enrollment expert will be better prepared to help you find the solution that is best for you—whether that means working with Enrollment Builders or not.