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Grow Your New Student Enrollment

Improve your college or university admissions capabilities with our higher education Contact Center and Enrollment Center services.

As the person in charge of admissions performance, you’re carrying a lot of responsibility for the institution’s
success or failure. 

We know what you’re going through.

You are stressed and frustrated by your:

  • Overwhelmed team

  • Staff turnover

  • Technology

  • Slow response times to new leads and applications

Grow Your New Student Enrollment | Higher Ed Institutions

In fact, data suggests that the chance of making a successful contact with a prospective student is 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes instead of 30+ minutes.¹ 

Since 2011, Enrollment Builders has helped traditional and non-traditional
colleges and universities grow new student enrollment. 

higher education enrollment management
It has been a great pleasure to work with the Enrollment Builders team. [Their] quick understanding of our mission and values was a breath of fresh air. Our partnership with Enrollment Builders has been a very satisfying and valuable experience for us.
Sarah Pecor | Concordia University Wisconsin | Enrollment Builders partner higher ed enrollment management
Sarah Pecor

Executive Director, Office of Continuing and Distance Education
Concordia University Wisconsin
Mequon, WI


Enrollment Builders has become a trusted partner and a welcomed asset to our internal recruitment and admissions teams. They have provided recommendations and executed on deliverables that will allow ... [us] ... to continue to scale and optimize our online marketing efforts. 
Zachary Voelz Lakeland University | Enrollment Builders partnership higher ed enrollment management
Zachary Voelz

Vice President, Kellett School
Lakeland University
Plymouth, WI


Partnering with EB made sense for us both from an investment standpoint but also from a value-added perspective for our prospective student experience. The services and return that EB provides have allowed our staff to focus on more intentional engagement further down the funnel which has also allowed us to realize material gains in yield and completion rates.
Austin Mapston Rocky Mountain College | Enrollment Builders partnership higher ed enrollment management
Austin Mapston

Vice President of Enrollment Services
Rocky Mountain College 
Billings, MT


Want to have a story like theirs?

What are your ongoing problems costing you next term?

  • Missing tuition revenue

    How much tuition revenue will be lost next session simply because your team won't be able to get to leads and applicants fast enough?
  • Stunted growth

    How quickly are your competitors growing while your enrollment is stagnant?
  • Sluggish job performance

    How is your admissions counselors' work being affected by overwhelm? 
  • Lost prospects

    How many enrollments have stalled because your team is having transactional conversations with prospective students? 

Grow new student enrollment | higher ed institutions

Enrollment Builders has helped hundreds of admissions teams identify and overcome their greatest challenges to growing new student enrollment.

Get a powerful solution that produces unmatched results for your common admissions problems.

Build more confidence in your plan.
Easy ways to get started with us.

Higher ed enrollment management | schedule a call to talk about higher ed enrollment management


Not sure what you need and want an experienced advisor to help you figure out a way forward?

Schedule a 30-minute, no-pressure CALL to learn more. This call is all about you, your questions, and your goals. Grab some time now.


Need to start from scratch? We’ve created a tool that helps you craft a strategic enrollment management plan for your institution.

Download a TEMPLATE to create a strategic enrollment management plan. It walks you through the process step-by-step. When you’re finished, you’ll have a usable plan that’s foundational to growing new student enrollment.

Higher ed strategic enrollment management plan | free template download for strategic enrollment management plan

How relieved will you feel when your admissions funnel is full and new student enrollment numbers are up?

Grow your institution’s new student enrollment with Enrollment Builders. 

From providing Contact Center and Full Enrollment services to consulting and training, we will help you thrive at all phases of the admissions process.