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Enrollment Builders provides enrollment management strategy and marketing services for nonprofit, higher education institutions across the US. Enrollment Builders is the creator of The ROI Predictor™, a successful forecasting model that calibrates a university's budget with desired enrollment outcomes. Using The ROI Predictor™ and the Enrollment Builders' Proven Process, our higher ed clients have exceeded enrollment targets within seven months of working with Enrollment Builders.

We are an ideal partner for your University if you are:

  • Struggling to determine whether your budget and resources are aligned with enrollment goals
  • Looking for more high-quality leads from your website
  • Seeking improved results from digital marketing sources and media plan
  • Worrying about launching and/or keeping academic programs that do not align with enrollment goals
  • Struggling with implementing or reinforcing fundamental management practices required to sustain growth 
  • Lacking access to performance data required to scale
  • Struggling to adapt to a consultative sales culture in recruitment and admissions 


The Google Adwords Premier Partner distinction is exclusively provided to Google partners that meet requirements for marketing agency growth, adhere to top-tier performance standards. and employ experts in the field.

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hubspot-gold-badge.pngEnrollment Builders is a Certified Agency Partner of HubSpot. As a Gold-tiered Partner, Enrollment Builders’ agency relationship allows us to extend partner-type benefits to our clients.

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Our team members are focused on the higher education market with real-world experience working with nonprofit colleges and universities throughout the US.

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What should your funnel metrics look like? | Valuable Resource 

Properly defining and benchmarking your enrollment funnel is a fundamental process to ensure long-term success. Understanding the recruitment stages of prospects will help you better align your content, messaging, and overall marketing efforts with your target audience.

Get ahead of the competition by diving into inbound and marketing automation to attract, convert, and recruit more of your ideal students.  This resource will:

Higher Education Benchmark Funnel Metrics
  • Help you understand the stages prospects travel throughout the enrollment process
  • Outline the standard benchmarks for funnel metrics
  • Give you actionable insight on how these benchmarks can be applied to your current enrollment process
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Enrollment Builders' Proven Process

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Enrollment Management Assessments

Our full service approach to assessment services reflect an important philosophy. For any organization, the best tactical decisions come from first understanding its strengths and challenges, clearly seeing its opportunities and obstacles, and determining what’s working well and what isn’t. The baseline that a quality and comprehensive assessment establishes help complex organizations plan better, be more strategic, and ultimately target their resources far more successfully.

Our customized agenda and work are guided by the specific challenges you face, the competitive landscape in your region, and the business objectives and institutional goals you’ve set.   

Enrollment Management Assessments Adult Programs
We’re thought-leaders in higher education and our consultants have real-world experience working with colleges and universities across the country.

Our work is presented proactively and concludes with a proposal for related services so Enrollment Builders can help your teams successfully execute on next steps and achieve what we’ve outlined together.


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