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Higher Education Call Center Pricing

Get Straight Answers to Your Call Center Pricing Questions

How much does a higher ed call center cost? Explore factors that influence the price and find the right options for you.

How much does a higher education contact center cost?

At Enrollment Builders, we believe that essential information like pricing shouldn't be hidden behind a lengthy, complicated sales process. We're committed to providing clear and straightforward answers to all your questions so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

How much does it cost to work with Enrollment Builders?

Our monthly retainers start at $9,000 per month, with costs typically ranging between $13 and $22 per lead.

Several factors can influence the cost per lead, moving it closer to $22 per lead from $13 per lead. However, the primary factor is the length of time our Admissions Team needs to engage with your prospective students before transitioning them to your team. The longer the contact period, the higher the cost-per-lead.

Read on to learn more about what impacts pricing.


What factors influence pricing?

Monthly Lead Volume

The higher your lead volume, the more dedicated specialists will be assigned to your account.

Point of Transition

In general, the more time spent working with prospective students, the higher the cost will be.

Type of Leads

Price-per-lead varies based on whether the leads are aged, new, or a combination of both.

Operational Needs

Price may increase or decrease depending on the operational hours you choose and your lead volume.

Implementation Fees

A flat fee for implementation to ensure the partnership is set up for success from day one.

Service Add-Ons

Optional add-ons include website chat, an inbound phone number, and aged lead scoring.

Schedule a call to determine how these factors will impact your price

All of Our Clients Receive:


Contact attempts are made within 2 minutes on average, and never exceeding 10 minutes.

Dedicated Specialists

A  team focused solely on your institution's admissions process, communicating with you in real-time.

Warm Transfer

EB manages the lead experience as far as you need and seamlessly transitions the relationship to your team.


Bi-directional data exchanges between the EB Contact Center platform and your institution's CRM.

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Real-time dashboards to track outreach performance and the prospective student pipeline.

Bi-Weekly Tactical Calls with Your Team

To review performance, lead source reports, and contact strategy updates.

Yes, You Can Grow. Even Right Now.

Enrollment Builders is here to help you streamline your most important work so you can meet your goals with the admissions team you currently have.

Using proven strategies, our team will engage and qualify prospects so your recruiters spend more time on what they do best: converting qualified prospective students.

Speak with an Enrollment Builders expert to determine which blend of work will allow you to meet and exceed your enrollment targets.

admissions leader on a video call with an admissions partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions admissions leaders ask about our contact center and enrollment management services:

What is the typical timeline and process for working with Enrollment Builders?
Signing the Agreement

Initial Contact to Agreement: On average, institutions sign an agreement with our team roughly 30 days after our first call.

Onboarding Process
  • Week 1-2: Complete kick-off call, tech call, messaging discovery calls, and discovery checklists.
  • Week 3: Complete technical implementation. Develop scripts, Knowledge Base content, SMS/email copy, and contact cadence strategies for your approval.
  • Week 4-5: Complete EB Dedicated Team onboarding + training, cross-team communication training call, lead process testing.
  • Week 6: Launch Day call, complete the final checklist, and begin outreach!
Post-Launch Engagement
  • Week 7 & Beyond: We start our ongoing strategy and optimization efforts.
  • Bi-Weekly Tactical and Reporting Calls: To review reporting trends and identify strategy + optimization opportunities
  • Ongoing Slack/Direct Message Communication: Real-time collaboration between your EB admissions specialists and your internal team.
  • Execute and Optimize: Continuous updates are made to scripts, the Knowledge Base, training, and communication best practices to ensure optimal performance.
What are the simple terms of your agreements?

Our retainer agreements establish a minimum number of monthly leads to be processed.

Any extra leads beyond this minimum will be processed automatically and incur a predetermined additional cost per lead, which will be invoiced the following month.

Services are invoiced in the month or quarter prior to when they are provided.

What is the minimum agreement length?

Our minimum agreement length for new clients is typically 12 months. However, we consider one-time special projects and campaigns that do not require a minimum agreement length of this range.

Is there a minimum requirement for monthly lead volume?

We do not have a set minimum lead volume requirement. However, because your EB admissions specialists are dedicated only to your team, we find that the monthly minimum should be around 300 leads for the benefit to be worth the time and money investment.

What happens if I need to increase/decrease my lead volume in the middle of an agreement?

We understand that lead volume can often be unpredictable and fluctuating.

Our agreements allow you to increase or decrease your monthly lead volume through simple, clear processes.

To increase lead volume during an agreement, we build in a per-lead cost in addition to what’s included in your monthly retainer. If the volume of leads is likely to stay at the increased amount, we can adjust your base lead volume for future months and update the monthly retainer cost accordingly.

To decrease your base lead volume during an agreement, we require a 60 day notice to adjust the number of leads and retainer cost accordingly. This will provide us with the necessary time to reallocate the schedules of your dedicated specialists.

What if we want to change the stages of the admissions process that EB is working?

Depending on your institution's goals and capabilities, you may choose to scale your internal resources to insource more of your admissions communication work throughout our engagement.

With a 30-day notice, we can shift the transition point from our specialists to your internal team either forward or backward.

Changes to your transition point will likely impact your monthly retainer cost. Your account manager will help you through this process and discuss potential price changes as appropriate.

Do you perform one-time outreach campaigns for bulk aged leads?

Yes, we work with institutions to rework and clean up aged leads, as well as the active pipeline of prospective students stuck in the funnel.

What are the terms of contract termination?

For clients that have worked with us for more than 12 months, we include a contract termination clause that allows our clients to end services in the middle of an agreement with a 90-day written notice.

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