Pre-Training & Workshop Assessment

A solid strategy lays the foundation for success.

Enrollment Management: Needs Assessment

Enrollment Builders recognizes that, beyond operations, there are often less obvious behavioral and cultural factors that contribute to performance gaps.  To ensure that the proper training and consulting curriculum are created to address these underlying factors and truly impact change, we typically recommend an initial two-day on-site assessment.  During this time, Enrollment Builders will gain valuable insights which will inform the development of customized content for formal training and/or consulting, and what performance management tools and resources would best improve long-term performance. 

The following assessments are typically performed during a Needs Assessment:

“Skill, Will, Hill” Assessment: Meet with individuals to assess individual performance gaps and determine which areas require formal training and development (Skill), determine what coaching and accountability measures should be introduced (Will), whether the process, systems, and resources may be getting in the way of performance (Hill).

“Day in the Life” Assessment: Observe the way that Admissions representatives plan their day, manage their database, document activity, interact with students, manage their time, and communicate with other team members and departments

Cultural Assessment: Assessment of vision, mission, value alignment among staff; communication challenges; potential sources of resistance; and engagement levels

Benchmark Assessment: Before launch, we will work with you to set specific benchmarks and milestones around both quantitative and behavioral KPI’s that will demonstrate a planned-upon ROI.

From the initial benchmark assessment, Enrollment Builders will design a customized staff development program aimed at impacting all areas of the recruitment funnel- with learning objectives that place emphasis on increasing the viable applicant to start conversion rate. 

As stated above, in addition to quantitative benchmarks, we will also work with you to define success and benchmark progress in behavioral areas such as:

  1. Relationship-focused student interactions driven by student aspirations versus the Admissions Advisor’s agenda
  2. Increased consistency in follow-up, reporting, and documentation
  3. Increased understanding of what success looks like within the Admissions Advisor role
  4. An understanding of thoughts and behaviors that demonstrate an owner (versus victim) mentality
  5. An increased understanding and creation of a plan among selected leaders to improve capabilities in coaching in the following areas:
    • Call observation and skill development coaching
    • Developmental coaching for increased motivation and engagement
    • Creating accountability




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"It has been a great pleasure to work with Heather and others on the Enrollment Builders team. Her quick understanding of our mission and values was a breath of fresh air. Our partnership with Enrollment Builders has been a very satisfying and valuable experience for us."

-Sarah Pecor, Executive Director Office of Continuing and Distance Education

Concordia University Wisconsin