A Solution for Admissions Teams Struggling to Adapt

You long to impact your institution’s strategic priorities, coach your Admissions team, and accomplish high-yield work. Yet, you find yourself stuck putting out fires, reeling from uncertainty, and vexed over enrollment growth given current circumstances. It’s challenging enough to face typical resource constraints and budget limitations, but unforeseen transitions to virtual classrooms and remote workplaces caused by COVID-19 threaten to implode your process. How do you achieve vital enrollment growth in this pressure-cooker environment?


The Solution. Let us ease your mind.

Enrollment Builders will help you streamline your most important work so you can exceed enrollment targets with the team you currently have. With our proven inbound and outbound contact strategies, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase enrollment
  • Decrease melt rates
  • Nudge applicants to the FAFSA
  • Improve your spot-out re-entry rates

Our FastTrack Solution creates more high-yield opportunities for your Recruiters. Our team can qualify thousands of cold prospects, passing them to your Recruiters in real-time.  This means your Recruiters spend more time and energy on what they do best: converting qualified prospective students.

The FastTrack Solution can be live in 4-5 weeks. Plus, it does not require a complicated CRM integration, nor does it interfere with your existing email communication flows.


Eliminate the Guesswork. Exceed your Targets.

In as little as 4 weeks, we can help extend your reach and provide your prospective student population with real-time admissions support from our higher education Contact Center. 

  • Leverage a technology stack intended for remote admissions teams
  • Offer real-time follow-up support to students, when and where they need it across contact cadences that include phone, text, email, and chat
  • Offer admissions support to your prospects 7-days a week from 9 AM-9 PM in YOUR timezone nearly every day of the year
  • Remove prospective student barriers
  • Gain traction

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We care about enabling your higher education team to reach its potential, just like you do.

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We care about enabling higher education teams so they can reach their potential, just like you do. 


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