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Service Highlight: Integrated Marketing Assessment and Enrollment Operations Assessment

From time-to-time we like to take a break from covering industry news exclusively and let readers and potential clients get to know Enrollment Builders better. After all, market information and insight is most valuable when it’s applied to drive an institution’s goals forward and feed into specific and well-considered initiatives. With that in mind, let’s examine two of Enrollment Builders’ key assessments – assessments that our consultants are consistently asked to perform for institutions of all sizes and two that we think can provide institutions with immediate benefits.

Enrollment Builders Integrated Marketing Assessment

Our integrated marketing assessment helps institutions market more effectively by reviewing branding efforts, site design, lead generation, paid search, dialog marketing, and conversion processes. Our consultants focus on your existing marketing strategy, brand awareness goals, technology tools, and best practices to determine how current efforts support or hinder success. The Enrollment Builders’ team takes a comprehensive approach throughout the assessment — conducting discovery sessions and in-depth meetings with administrators, managers, and front-line staff. Our agenda and our work is guided by the specific challenges you face, the competitive landscape in your region, and the business objectives and institutional goals you’ve set. The insight we provide is given in context — customized to your unique situation and the special value that your school brings to market. At the conclusion of the assessment, our consultants will provide a detailed list of opportunities and challenges that inform short-term priorities and long-term recommendations. Our work is presented proactively and concludes with a proposal for related services so Enrollment Builders can help your teams successfully execute on next steps and achieve what we’ve outlined together.

Enrollment Builders Enrollment Operations Assessment

The enrollment operations assessment helps institutions better understand how workflow can support each component of the enrollment process. Our consultants will review lead generation, conversion, start rate, capture rate, best practices, related technology systems and platforms, and other enrollment dynamics that may be unique to your school, region, or market. Our holistic approach critiques each step in the enrollment cycle to understand where improvements and efficiencies can be made to support smoother workflow, enrollment operations’ goals, and most importantly — students. Our teams review not only the individual steps in the process, but the process as a whole to determine how improvements in one area might positively influence outcomes in another. The enrollment operations assessment concludes with an exit report and discussion that covers:

  • Our consultants’ major findings and take-aways
  • Highlights of organizational strengths an opportunities
  • Priority recommendations that will have the most profound impact on new student enrollment
  • Other tactical business recommendations to improve enrollment workflow
  • Opportunities for an extended engagement with Enrollment Builders to initiate our recommendations and other programmatic initiatives

Enrollment Builders’ assessment services don’t end here. We offer additional audits and assessments in a host of areas including academic operations, online program partnership, online program readiness, recruitment, retention, and student services. And our full service approach to assessment services reflects an important philosophy: For any organization, the best tactical decisions come from first understanding its strengths and challenges, clearly seeing its opportunities and obstacles, and determining what’s working well and what isn’t. The baseline that a quality and comprehensive assessment establishes helps complex organizations plan better, be more strategic, and ultimately target their resources far more successfully.

At Enrollment Builders, our team of industry professionals offers a range of consultative services designed to help schools reach and retain students, grow programs, and improve institutional effectiveness. Please click through the highlighted text if you’d like to learn more about the integrated marketing assessment or the enrollment operations assessment. To speak with an Executive Consultant please contact us at 513-518-7824.