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Senior Director of Technology

Note that we are no longer actively hiring for this position. You may have followed a link from a scraper site that shows outdated job postings. If you would like to be considered for the position in the future, please feel free to apply. 

CRM, Reporting, Martech, and College Call Center

The Enrollment Builders Senior Director of Technology is the primary technical resource in the company. The person in this role delivers all contact center and marketing technical services and will help shape and guide big-picture technology strategy. 

If you’re the right person, you’re comfortable working in a small company that has a record of sustained rapid growth. If you’re an executive used to leading a large IT organization, this isn’t the role for you. You won’t have a team to manage (yet), because you will be the team. That doesn’t mean you won’t have support or resources, but you’re comfortable finding solutions independently, sometimes with imperfect information. 

On the other hand, if your experience has solely been with hands-on IT support, development, or other heads-down work, this won’t be a great fit. We’re looking for someone ready to take a step forward in their career. If you’ve been a star performer and manager in technology and now want to develop your strategy and leadership muscles, you may be who we’re looking for.

You’ll be primarily responsible for day-to-day technology support and delivery in areas like CRM, reporting, contact center platforms, Google Workspace administration, and more. At the same time, you’ll have an opportunity to build your skills in research, strategy development, process creation, and direct interaction with our higher education clients.


Here are some of the broad areas of responsibility you can expect:

Leadership and Strategy

  • Contribute to effective technology strategy by helping to identify opportunities for long-term IT success in areas like establishing standard remote work environments, developing enterprise document management strategy, or selecting new enterprise contact center platforms
  • Work with colleagues throughout EB to identify potential process and technology improvements
  • Research, make recommendations, and own responsibility for areas such as privacy, security, compliance, and more
  • Manage vendor relationships, evaluating vendor performance, creating reports and making recommendations for vendor contracting 
  • Develop requirements for technology platforms and coordinate implementation of new technologies
  • Maintain knowledge about the current and predicted state of higher ed and contact center technology

Systems Management

  • Manage and monitor accounts, access, and permissions for all technology platforms
  • Manage updates, features, security, and licensing for all platforms 
  • Create workflows, reports, and other supporting components across toolsets
  • Set up and manage cross-platform integrations
  • Own the development, delivery, and effectiveness of a unified, automated EB data/reporting platform
  • Own responsibility for the development, delivery, and effectiveness of EB contact center and workforce management platforms
  • Support website planning, implementation, and support through the development of wireframes, information architecture, customization across web content management platforms
  • Lead and support enterprise content management efforts (intranet, communications, approvals, retention policies, file and permissions management, metadata and taxonomy, business process automation, etc.)

Content and Technical Development

  • Create workflows, reports, and other supporting components across toolsets
  • Thoroughly document all technology deliverables, updating documentation as changes occur
  • Lead and participate in the development of applications, templates, scripts, code, and integrations as required

Client Onboarding and Support

  • Participate in client meetings as needed
  • Develop and support project management plans and activities
  • Provide advice, recommendations, and documentation as needed
  • Oversee client technology implementation, configuration, and integration

IT Support

  • Manage employee and client issues, resolving escalated issues or advancing them to vendors and following up until resolved

Professional Development

    • Plan and execute learning to maintain expertise across all supported technology systems
    • Maintain certifications as required
    • Attend webinars, conferences, user groups meetings, and other activities as required

Experience we’d like to see

  • We’re still a relatively small company, so you’ll find your day-to-day responsibilities are an ever-changing mix of strategic thinking and rolling up your sleeves and to complete tactical tasks. 
  • We need you to help design and lead technical projects, so experience leading customer implementations is critical. Skills in process analysis, requirements development, organizational change management, and formal project management would be a big help. 
  • Our business will grow and thrive as our ability to report on and learn from actual client data grows. You should have familiarity with data reporting platforms, effective data structure design, and relational database concepts and tools
  • It would be terrific if you’ve worked directly with call/contact center platforms, including integrated and automated SMS channels, Twilio or similar providers, and auto-dialers.
  • Experience in as many of these as possible is helpful: Advanced HubSpot functions, HubL, the HubSpot API, Salesforce, Slate, Pardot, Wordpress, Google Workspace/G Suite, AEM, Sitecore, SharePoint, and Joomla. Bonus points for experience integrating these platforms with one another.
  • Experience with these and other platforms in the context of higher education, and especially in a higher ed contact center, is valuable.
  • Familiarity with best practices in data security, disaster recovery, and compliance with regulatory standards including FERPA, TCPA, and others is a bonus.
  • You have a history of being high-volume and high-quality, meeting your deadlines, over-communicating status, and prioritizing your work smartly. 
  • You have a record of being a master task-switcher, moving smoothly among various roles and duties, always helping to keep projects on track and never losing sight of the bigger strategic picture.

What you can expect from EB

  • We are very intentional about our culture and values. We believe in work-life balance, authenticity, accountability, and belonging. We love our team and the vibe we have. We work hard to nurture it.
  • We do good in the world. Higher education is a calling, and we believe deeply in its potential to change the lives of students, their families, and their communities. We’re proud of what we do to help unlock that potential. 
  • We offer a fully-remote work environment, best suited for the Eastern and Central US time zones. You’ll provide your own hardware and peripherals initially.
  • There is a little travel involved, but it’s likely to be no more than once per quarter and expenses are covered by EB.
  •  As a small-ish company, we’re working hard to expand competitive benefits and pay. Here’s what we can offer today:
    • We offer paid time off and some paid holidays. 
    • We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance. EB contributes a portion of your insurance premiums.
    • The salary range for this position is $73,000-82,000 annually.
  • We’ve been growing steadily the last few years. That means lots of opportunity to help shape strategy, to have a real voice in how we operate, and to build skills in organizational change and strategic leadership that you won’t find in many other places. 
  • Our hiring process looks like this:
    • We’ll review your resume and application when you apply. 
    • We may then ask you to complete a written questionnaire. If it seems like we might be a match, we’ll invite you to a 20-30 minute Zoom screening. 
    • If we both feel like it’s a potential fit after the screening, you’ll move on to a full interview to talk specifically about technology.
    • You may then be asked to complete two Predictive Index assessments and participate in a second interview focused on work style, values, and fit.
    • If everybody’s still feeling good, we may ask you to complete an exercise, or we may move right on to a background check, drug test, and reference check.
    • If all that goes well, we’ll make an offer! 
    • We don’t believe in ghosting applicants or keeping you in the dark about where you stand in the process. Throughout the process, you will ALWAYS hear from us within 7 days with a status update, no matter what we decide (or even if we haven’t decided yet). 

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