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(As of June 2023, we have paused hiring for this role. If you are still interested in submitting your application, you may do so. You will be considered if/when we resume the hiring process. — EB Careers Team )  

Remote Admissions Team Coach—Higher Education

You … 

  • Want to do work that makes a difference in the world. It’s not about punching the clock or phoning it in. 
  • Seek a position that allows you to have a life while making a valuable contribution at work. 
  • Are an experienced team leader with strong conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Are an effective communicator and have experience working in a fully remote environment 
  • Know the coaching industry’s standards, regulations, and best practices 
  • Are a professionally certified coach
  • Are experienced with evidence-based coaching techniques, strategies, and methods
  • Are a successful coach with a proven track record of motivating others to personal accountability to work toward team goals and organization objectives.

We … 

  • Are a motivated leadership team working remotely across eight states united by our passion for empowering others to reach their potential. 
  • Operate a busy contact center that gets results for our clients. We need a leader with a “coach-first” mentality who can quickly assess complex issues, identify realistic paths forward, and implement and standardize innovative solutions.  
  • Honor our work by individually “lowering our shields”; we’re vulnerable and transparent with each other, always open to giving and receiving honest feedback. If you are not committed to doing your best work and making a positive impact, you need not apply. 

What’s It Like to Work at Enrollment Builders • Thoughts from our employees

What I like best about working at EB is the opportunity I have to form relationships with prospective students and help them achieve their goal of getting an education. I get to be a part of that process and that's pretty special. 

—Meredith P., former Enrollment Center Admissions Counselor

What We’re Looking For

We are seeking a candidate with experience in coaching techniques, conflict resolution, and team management in a coaching and higher education admissions setting.


  • COACHING experience in NON-TRAD HIGHER ED: This is a non-negotiable requirement. To be considered, you must have at least two years of experience coaching five or more admissions counselors who recruit for non-traditional programs in a higher education setting.
  • Professional coaching certification

If you do not have this experience, please do not apply. 

If you DO have the required experience, and this list sounds like you, then we hope you will apply. You: 

  • Have experience rolling out a formalized coaching framework to an organization
  • Have the heart of a coach (and the required coaching experience) and can quickly build relationships and effectively manage group dynamics in a virtual work environment
  • See change as an opportunity, not a threat
  • Have a proven track record building thriving, compliant, and diverse teams with a healthy culture that exceeds their potential
  • Are a strong leader who can prioritize and convert chaos into business strategy with consistency, rigor, and collaboration 
  • Think strategically about higher ed admissions, conversational marketing, and engagement within a start-up culture
  • Are curious and seek opportunities for self-improvement 
  • Are a pet owner, love to bake, or binge true crime podcasts (Okay; so these are optional, but if they’re true of you, you’ll love the discussions happening around our “virtual water cooler” in Slack)

What You'll Do 

You’ll have the opportunity to create, standardize, and implement a coaching culture at Enrollment Builders. You’ll lead, coach, and develop an admissions team providing qualification, application collection, and enrollment services to colleges and universities across the US. Success in this role will unlock your team members’ potential and maximize their efficiency. 

Strategic and transformational coaching is a core function of this role. As Contact Center Manager, you will coach your admissions team to achieve their personal and professional goals in a high-tech environment.

You will: 

  • Hire, protect,  and coach to reinforce our team culture 
  • Prioritize progress over perfection
  • Emphasize how tactical work connects conceptually with the “big picture”
  • Create learning paths so your team can develop a career path within the company
  • Assess team development needs and deliver impactful one-on-one and group coaching and skill-development workshops
  • Ensure your team achieves client service levels and deliverables through your targeted efforts
  • Provide real-time support and troubleshooting to resolve technology and knowledge gaps
  • Consistently update knowledge resources that reflect the current-state needs of our team and clients to drive alignment 

Operational reporting will be another key responsibility. You will: 

  • Prepare reports and analyze Contact Center data to improve processes, ensure resources are properly allocated, and maximize efficiency and Client satisfaction
  • Review daily historical reports to identify escalation needs and inform the Contact Center’s daily goals
  • Create and prepare a weekly scorecard for individual team members' review to benchmark activity against client and internal goals

What’s It Like to Work at Enrollment Builders • Thoughts from our employees

EB provides a phenomenal support system that helps you meet your goals, through ups and downs. It’s a real confidence booster! I love how EB has given me the opportunity to meet students from every walk of life and help them meet their goals. 

—Sarah L., Enrollment Center Admissions Counselor

What We Offer


  • Annual salary is commensurate with experience: $65,000-$90,000
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Paid holidays and PTO
  • Paid parental leave (including maternity, paternity, adoption, and fostering)
  • 401k (no match)


  • Enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working from the remote location of your choosing. Is your workspace located in an RV that takes you all over the country? Maybe your office is tucked beside a horse stall inside a barn that overlooks Kentucky’s rolling hills. We don’t care! Your basement, a spare bedroom, or a desk in your bonus room:  you choose.

  • Up to 10 percent travel is possible as health conditions permit and job responsibilities dictate for leadership meetings, staff retreats, professional development, etc. (Most of the travel will be to our team meeting space at the aforementioned beautiful Kentucky horse farm where we are headquartered. Trust us; this is the kind of work trip you always want to take!) 

Fun, Games, and Authentic Relationships

At Enrollment Builders, you are more than an employee. You’re not a cog in a bloated machine but an integral member of our larger close-knit community. 

Despite being a remote team, we intentionally prioritize authentic relationships. You always have direct access to the CEO and the leadership team. Engaging in open, honest communication and possessing a willingness to have your teammates’ backs will make you successful here. We value each employee and recognize each person’s unique skills and gifts. We want everyone working to their strengths, and to feel included, accepted, and celebrated.

At EB, we believe in work/life balance and extending emotional support. We know there’s more to life than work, and that’s why we make time to get to know one another outside of our jobs. Through virtual coffee chats, online Pictionary games, weekly trivia contests, holiday white elephant games, and bake-off competitions, we have fun, swap stories, and make memories. 

What’s It Like to Work at Enrollment Builders • Thoughts from our employees

I enjoy working at EB because our leadership cares about and truly listens to their employees. I also get to speak with students every day to help them begin their next educational chapter.

—Cassie H., Contact Center Agent

Only considering applicants based in the United States of America. 

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