What is a Contact Center Cadence and Why Should I Care?

by Drew Griffin

Institutions have thousands of leads and wonder why they don’t turn into students. The answer is that the institution doesn’t build a relationship with each lead. Colleges and universities flood prospects with email, one-off calls, and print pieces designed to inform the prospect about the institution. When there’s no consistent, systematic approach to building a relationship with those prospects, then the “relationship” that’s built is simply transactional (e.g., Apply Now! Complete your FAFSA!). Think about it. In your regular life, that me-centered approach is not how you get a date. It’s not how you make a friend. How does it make sense, then, for one-way, transactional communication to create enrollments? EB knows that this just isn’t the most effective way to create long-lasting relationships.   

Here at Enrollment Builders, we’ve worked with many traditional and non-traditional institutions, and we know what it takes to engage your prospective students. In the end, you need to provide each prospective student with an engaging, consistent experience. To stabilize the admissions funnel and ensure that no interested prospective student is missed, Enrollment Builders has created cadences.

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Five Hiring Tips for Universities and Colleges to Recruit Top Talent in the Admissions Office

by Heather Fairweather

Imagine you have called an institution’s admissions office to find out more about their online programs. Who picks up the phone? The admission counselor. This representative is the first and likely most influential person in the selection process because they can make or break the experience. Hiring for this role is sometimes more complex than what it used to be. So, what happens when institutions must recruit for themselves?

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