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What is a Contact Center Cadence and Why Should I Care?

by Drew Griffin

Institutions have thousands of leads and wonder why they don’t turn into students. The answer is that the institution doesn’t build a relationship with each lead. Colleges and universities flood prospects with email, one off calls, and print pieces designed to inform the prospect about the institution. When there’s no consistent, systematic approach to building a relationship with those prospects, then the “relationship” that’s built is simply transactional (e.g., Apply Now! Complete your FAFSA!). Think about it. In your regular life, that me-centered approach is not how you get a date. It’s not how you make a friend. How does it make sense, then, for one-way, transactional communication to create enrollments? EB knows that this just isn’t the most effective way to create long-lasting relationships.

Here at Enrollment Builders, we’ve worked with many traditional and non-traditional institutions, and we know what it takes to engage your prospective students. In the end, you need to provide each prospective student with an engaging, consistent experience. To stabilize the admissions funnel and ensure that no interested prospective student is missed, Enrollment Builders has created cadences.

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Am I Doing Enough with my Prospects & Inquiries?

by Drew Griffin

Being down in enrollment causes panic for any admissions executive. During this stressful time, any number of thoughts run through your head. You’ve either heard it said or thought to yourself: “If we had more leads at the top of the funnel, we would have hit our goals.” Sure, because more in equals more out, right? 

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What Does Your University President Want to Know About Contact Center Partnership?

by Drew Griffin

Considering Partnership with a Higher Ed Contact Center?

As the person ultimately responsible for ensuring enrollment growth at your institution, you will be challenged with “defending” and advancing any changes to existing plans. You may find yourself wondering..."What will leadership (and my team) want to know about my plan to introduce a Contact Center partnership?"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could guess what questions might be asked of you before these presentations?

Well, look no more!

This Contact Center Guide contains all of the answers to common questions you may be asked.

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