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Derek Marrero is an experienced Marketing leader with over 12 years in the higher education vendor services market. Derek joined Enrollment Builders in 2017 focusing on marketing strategy, campaign execution and client development.



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Ads Added by AdWords – Artificial Intelligence at Work

by Derek Marrero

Many of us are exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) at work or home every day from highly reputable companies and may not even realize it. For instance, how does Amazon know which items you might be interested in purchasing? How does Spotify serve up songs and artists you may not have heard of, but feel like some of your favorites? How is Apple’s Siri able to respond to questions? The answer to all these questions is AI--machines learning to predict human behavior.

Not to be left out, Google has recently launched “Ads Added by AdWords,” a new test program that utilizes artificial intelligence to modify online advertisers' postings. The new program has some AdWords users concerned, and many simply confused. Enrollment Builders is here to clear up some of that confusion.

What you need to know

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Becoming a Google Premier Partner: What It Means and Why it Matters

by Derek Marrero

Enrollment Builders has achieved the coveted status of Google AdWords Premier Partner, a distinction reserved for the very best agencies (fewer than 3%)!

The Premier Partner Program was created to give higher education institutions a way to cut through the noise and instantly recognize agencies that are above average in terms of knowledge, experience, and ability to drive results.

  • How Premier Status is earned:
    • Experience/expertise managing large accounts and spend
    • Continuous Track record of quality work and meeting performance requirements
    • Employment of Google Certified, highly-skilled analysts
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Lexington/Kentucky-based Higher Education Marketing Agency Receives Coveted Distinction from Google

by Derek Marrero

Enrollment Builders Awarded Google Premier Partner Distinction!

Enrollment Builders has been awarded the Google AdWords Premier Partner distinction, an honor reserved for only three percent of agency partners.

  • The Google Adwords Premier Partner distinction is exclusively provided to Google partners that meet excellence requirements in account management and growth, have a historical track record of quality work and performance, and employ highly-skilled Google Certified pay-per-click analysts.
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