Assessments - Overview

At Enrollment Builders, our Assessments are an economical way to gain valuable insight into your organization. We only need a little bit of time to help you make big improvements in your operations.


Our Recruitment Assessment helps institutions better understand the current workflow and strategies in place that most impact overall institutional enrollment.

[+] Recruitment Assessments contain priority recommendations that will have the greatest impact on your online enrollment


Our Integrated Marketing Assessment helps institutions market more effectively by reviewing branding efforts, site design, lead generation, paid search, dialog marketing, and conversion processes. 

[+] Learn how your key metrics align with higher education conversion averages and why


Our Enrollment Operations Assessment helps institutions better understand how workflow can support each component of the enrollment process. 

[+] Review technology, staffing, and workflow with this Operational Assessment


Access and identify which online degrees make sense for the institution to pursue given the broader market and its core areas of academic competence and specialty.

[+] Find out what it would take to launch a new program online


Our Academic Operations Assessment discuss current challenges on topics such as faculty recruitment, faculty teaching assignment, instructional design, LMS training, outcomes assessment, and more. 

[+] Analyze non-traditional operations and challenges


Operations and technology go hand-in-hand. In our Operations and Technology Assessment Enrollment Builders can review, assess, and provide feedback on new and existing technology needs designed to improve operational efficiency to help you save time and money while improving the student experience. 

[+] Receive a higher education operations & technology assessment