What Should Your Admissions Funnel Look Like?

Learn best practices on how to measure and optimize your funnel for enrollment

Which enrollment management metrics should you be concerned about?

Between the initial awareness of an institution and the final decision to enroll, your prospective students go through a series of critical touchpoints known as the admissions funnel. Recognizing and analyzing the enrollment funnel stages relevant to your school is pivotal for institutions aiming to streamline their recruitment strategies. By leveraging properly-chosen enrollment management metrics, institutions can gain a clearer picture of where prospects might drop off or need additional engagement. So, what are metrics for enrollment management? They are the tangible data points that track the effectiveness of each stage in the funnel, ensuring that the entire enrollment process is both efficient and resonant with your particular target audience. With these insights, you can tailor your messaging and outreach to better align with prospective students' needs and expectations.

Properly defining and benchmarking your admissions funnel is a fundamental process to ensure long-term success. Understanding the recruitment stages that prospects go through will help you better align your content, messaging, and overall marketing efforts with your target audience.

Our free admissions funnel guide will:

  • Help you understand the stages prospects travel throughout the enrollment process
  • Outline the standard benchmarks for funnel metrics
  • Give you actionable insight on how these benchmarks can be applied to your current enrollment process

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