Enrollment Builders Leadership Team


Jennifer Goode
Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Goode joined Enrollment Builders in 2014, with more than 15 years of experience in digital and interactive performance-based marketing, enrollment management operations, and fiscal growth planning. 
Throughout her career, Jennifer has been instrumental in designing and delivering custom growth solutions for more than 300 private and public higher education programs. 

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Philip Brashear Headshot

Philip Brashear, PMP
Project Manager

Philip Brashear is a seasoned leader with 23 years of experience in technology, marketing, higher education, and organizational development. Philip shifts seamlessly between big-picture strategy and the smallest details of technical execution to help Enrollment Builders clients connect the dots throughout their enrollment management picture.

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Derek Marrero
Strategic Marketing Director

Derek Marrero is an experienced Marketing leader with over 12 years in the higher education vendor services market. Derek joined Enrollment Builders in 2017 focusing on marketing strategy, campaign execution and client development.

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