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HubSpot Automation Lead

Marketing, CRM Automation (HubSpot), and College Call Center

Enrollment Builders is looking for an entrepreneurial, talented technology professional and CRM automation expert with a broad range of related skills and a willingness to learn and grow with the organization. As our ideal candidate, you have deep experience in HubSpot marketing automation, along with a variety of other technical skills. You’re driven to understand the customer journey and the mission of our clients. You’re excited about bringing data and technology to the table in crafting creative solutions to problems.

You’re a HubSpot magician (Sales and Marketing), with insight and experience in several other technology areas, like systems integration, user support, front-end web development, and SMS/call center technology. Where you have less exposure in these areas, you’re eager and able to learn and lead. As our go-to for client implementation and company technology needs, you’re a strong communicator--a clear writer and translator who can deliver complex technical concepts to non-technical people. You have a marketing mind that drives your love of technology and the idea of what it can do for our college and university clients and their students. You deliver a high volume of quality work while switching smoothly among various roles and types of tasks, always helping to keep our projects on track and achieving the desired outcomes.


If you’re the person we’re looking for, here are some of the job responsibilities you can expect:

CRM Expertise and Automation

  • You’ll spend most of your time developing and implementing CRM solutions for our clients in support of our higher education Contact Center work. You’ll operate primarily in HubSpot Sales and Marketing, working with lists, contacts, deals, templates, workflows, segmentation, reporting, and more.
  • You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that all our performance and activity data is accurate, available, and effectively reported.

Successful Customer Implementations

  • As we bring on new higher education partners, you’ll help oversee the configuration, implementation, testing, and integration of the technology solutions we create on their behalf. As part of that work, you’ll interface with clients, document tools, processes, and projects, and solve technical problems as they arise.

Systems Maintenance and Integrations

  • You’ll be the primary person responsible for ensuring our technology platforms are well-managed and secure, including our contact center platforms, our HubSpot partnership, and HubSpot portals for EB and our clients. You’ll also figure out how our platforms are successfully integrated with client technology, external services, and other EB platforms, using APIs, integration platforms, and plug-ins.

User Support

  • You’ll be our go-to person when technology issues arise, so you’ll provide timely, well-documented, and supportive troubleshooting, tools, and escalations for our team.

Experience we’d like to see

  • We’re small, stable, and growing quickly, so there are no one-trick ponies here. We really need you to have some technical skills and experience beyond your undeniable CRM automation expertise.
  • Since you’ll be our delivery lead for technical projects, we’re looking for experience in disciplines like project management, process analysis, and other related areas.
  • We’d like to see evidence that you’re committed to disciplined approaches to documenting solutions, testing and analyzing performance, and working with operations teams to improve performance.
  • We’d prefer that you have familiarity with data reporting platforms, effective data structure design, and relational database concepts and tools.
  • It would be terrific if you’ve worked call/contact center platforms, including integrated and automated SMS channels, Twilio or similar providers, and auto-dialers.
  • Experience in as many of these as possible is helpful: HubSpot, HubL, the HubSpot API, Salesforce, Slate, Pardot, Wordpress, Google Workspace/G Suite, AEM, Sitecore, SharePoint, Joomla, audio/video editing, and Adobe Creative Suite or equivalent, as well as experience integrating these platforms with one another.

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