Ignoring Your Enrollment Problems is a Costly Mistake

by Drew Griffin

You’re working hard to lift enrollment numbers. You’ve identified the problems in your admissions process, and you’re ready to work with a partner who can help you. 

You’ve built excitement around a solution but are shot down when you seek purchase approval: “That’s too expensive! Can’t we do this in-house?” 

Maybe you’ve heard this before from leadership

How can you convince your leadership that change is necessary?

You can hope that you are able to do enough without investing in additional resources. 

But, hope is not an enrollment strategy.

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Am I Doing Enough with my Prospects & Inquiries?

by Drew Griffin

Being down in enrollment causes panic for any admissions executive. During this stressful time, any number of thoughts run through your head. You’ve either heard it said or thought to yourself: “If we had more leads at the top of the funnel, we would have hit our goals.” Sure, because more in equals more out, right? 

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Why Do I Need a Contact Center to Grow Enrollment?

by Jennifer Goode

You work hard to generate leads so your institution can grow.

Despite the increases in marketing budget and lead volume (not to mention the long hours you’ve poured into the project), you’re still struggling with your enrollment goals.

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5 Factors of Enrollment and Retention Success

by Enrollment Builders Learning Center

Imagine how awesome you'll feel this time next year when your institution's enrollment and retention numbers are where you want them to be. Getting to that place does take some work, but with a clear strategy and concerted effort, you can be optimistic that your institution is taking the best possible steps to reach your enrollment goals.

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Predictive Modeling in Enrollment Management

by Drew Griffin

Would you like to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to enrollment management? Predictive modeling, a regression analysis, can help you do just that.

In this post, we'll give you an overview of predictive modeling and some strategic applications in contemporary marketing, recruitment, and retention.

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What Are the Components of a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan? (plus free SEM plan template download!)

by Drew Griffin


"He who fails to plan is planning to fail," Winston Churchill famously said. While he was speaking about war plans in World War II, his words of wisdom hold true for contemporary enrollment management. 

Having a strategic enrollment management plan for your institution means you’re more likely to succeed in establishing priorities, combatting uncertainty, and achieving your student enrollment goals. We know, though, it’s not always easy to create a plan from scratch. 

This article walks you through creating the plan step-by-step, and you can download a free strategic enrollment management plan template to customize

Use the information in this article and the free template to create and communicate guiding principles and priorities for the next two to five years.

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